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Tom Flaschen
Stevie provided fantastic service and made the experience comfortable from start to finish, explaining the basic and more esoteric features of my slim fit suits construction with equal clarity. He went above and beyond in providing advice and referrals on the accessories to complete my suit. In short, it's the best-fitting and best-looking suit I have. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Stevie to anyone else.
Tom Flaschen
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I want you to know that I love my jackets!! I am wearing today the jacket with the back design and it is really awesome.

I am so glad that we met you!

Lisa Ferber
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Stevie and M. Greenfield: I couldn't be any happier with my suits. Before today I simply didn't know quality and quality of craftsmanship when it came to clothing. Stevie introduced me to some great styling ideas unique to me and my lifestyle and never could I have dreamed how awesome they'd turn out.

We just completed our second fitting and I can't begin to describe this overwhelming feeling of WANT!!!! The custom touch and convenience has made me a believer and customer for life. While it is no secret that M. Greenfield makes great clothing, the kindness and accommodation that his staff shows to the customer is the true difference.

Thanks to everyone over at Martin Greenfield for making my first custom experience a memorable one. Look forward to seeing you guys very soon!

Allen Ricca
Joanna M Dubin

What a wedding and what a tuxedo! You guys killed it. Thank you over and over, Damian looked like a movie star.

A favorite shot enclosed.

Joanna M Dubin
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Thank you for making me the most spectacular suit. When I wear it I always get recognition. It is clear to me that you are the Michael Angelo of your craft.

Jeffrey Meshel
Zvi Boymelgreen

Just got my slim fit suits. Love them. Awesome. Fit me like a glove. Excellent, excellent. Can't wait to order more.

Thank you.

Zvi Boymelgreen
Elizabeth & Christopher Haddad

We went to Martin Greenfield for my husband's wedding tuxedo. He was inspired by James Bond (what man isn't?), and wanted to look classic but modern. He knew his tux would be an investment and that he would be wearing it for years to come, so it had to be perfect.Stevie and the whole crew at Martin Greenfield were nothing short of wonderful. His tux was pure perfection, it fit like a glove and was simply stunning.We also had a white dinner jacket made for the evening party, and people are still talking about it. The craftsmanship is better than anything you can buy off the rack, even top designer. Our photographer couldn't stop talking about Christopher's tux; it's not often you are at a wedding and hear people talking about what the man is wearing.We cannot thank you enough. We won't go anywhere else, you have lifelong customers!

Elizabeth & Christopher Haddad
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I have used Martin Greenfield in the past...back in the 90s. They are and always will be one of the best production houses in the world!!! I salute you and your wonderful and talented staff.

Roderick Rowser Owner/Master Tailor/Retailer at Bespoke Custom
Dr. Felix Glaubach

I look forward to your visits to my home, firstly because you are a nice person. I have never been so expertly clothed and fitted in my suits, which I wear daily to work, Shabbat, and on holidays. Whenever I walk into the synagogue or office people continue to compliment me on the clothes delivered to me by you.This is due to the fabric, the fit and how it drapes my body beautifully. I hope I live long enough to buy many more suits from you and can afford them. Continue your outstanding craftsmanship.

Dr. Felix Glaubach
Dr. Felix Glaubach

Martin Greenfield is everything it is cracked up to be. The best craftsman, the best service, the best fabrics and most importantly thr best finished product. After searching aimlessly for the right tailor I lucked out when I was introduced to this fantastic product. I couldn't be happier with my custom suit for my wedding and more importantly, so is my future wife!Stevie is truly an expert and provides not only tailored advice, but a unique understanding of the art and science behind men's clothing. His skill and advice during the process was instrumental in creating the greatest suit I have.
I look forward to being a customer for life and you will too!

Alex Bresler
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I’ve been very fastidious about my clothes for the past fifty years even though I’m only only 5’ - 3” tall. However, after receiving a suit and several sport coats fitted by Stevie at Martin Greenfield Heritage, I now know for the first time what its like to have gentlemen’s clothes that properly fit me.
For once, size doesn’t matter!

Princeton, NJ
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My testimonial is clear: you made the process fun, easy, convenient and the resulting garments were just what I wanted---tasteful, top quality fabrics and tailoring, with all the accessories as well to enhance the look—like suspenders, shirts etc.

I feel very comfortable and confident wearing these clothes and I know I will get a lot of use out of them, particularly the sports jacket and slacks which are perfect for biz casual in my office.

George Hornig
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In an industry ridden with horrid taste and shoddy stitching, Stevie Fellig exudes a legitimacy and professionalism bested only by his ability to match his client with their respective needs.

I've worked with Stevie for four years and am consistently impressed with his attention to detail and creative ideas. We have come to a point where he now has carte blanche to make me whatever he wants.

Jonathan Belson Director of Operations & Globals Logistics
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Happy New Year! Hope all is well. I am sending a few photos our photographer Robert Norman took of Jerry. He is standing in front of a random mural in Williamsburg and I think he looks amazing.Thank you so much for everything. Your dedication and upmost professionalism truly speak of the commitment to quality and fine craftmanship Martin Greenfield has prided itself on for generations. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Jerry Virtuoso
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Martin Greenfield is a living legend and a personification of the American Dream. I don't wear suits or jackets much, but I can now say that when i do, that I am wearing a garment with close to a hundred years of expertise behind it.

Jou-Yie Chou Atelier Ace Hotel
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What can I say, my tailor is better than yours??? Stevie Felig has a special nack for his business, and brings a new and fresh style to bespoke clothing.

I have had custom shirts and pants made in the past, and there is no comparison. From the measurements, to fabric suggestions, everything always comes out perfect. Thank you for dressing me like a proper Gentlemen, it is greatly appreciated!

Jordan Yoder
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Stevie, I wanted to thank you for the amazing custom suit you made for me. I have made many custom pieces over the years, but none with the quality and attention to detail as the masterpiece you made for me. I look forward to making our next work of art from The Heritage tailor shop.. You are the best. Thank you!

Jason A. Hardi
Steve Ferber

In the fall of 2012, I went to martin greenfield’s factory in Brooklyn to treat myself to a couple of suits. I was referred to Stevie Fellig who took amazing care of me. The two suits I ordered fit perfectly, and the quality is fabulous. Since then, I’ve ordered two more suits, from stevie, my wife has ordered two jackets, and my partner two suits, a jacket and shirts. Stevie goes out of his way to accommodate his customers and makes the process as easy as possible.
The only problem… I’m hooked on his suits!

Steve Ferber
Michael W. Silvia

The entire team at Martin Greenfield made my first bespoke experience more than I could have hoped for. Faced with a tight timeline and high expectations, Stevie and Will provided not only an achingly beautiful evening suit for my wedding, but levity and professionalism to spare.My first experience with the brand will not be my last and I look forward to the numerous bespoke creations to come.
Wearing a suit just got fun again.

Michael W. Silvia EquancyNo11, Managing Director
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Stevie Fellig came into my Iraq themed apartment, didn't let the stray Roor on the coffee table distract him and provided the most professional bespoke suiting experience I've ever had.

No longer do my suits look like uniforms from Rex Kwon Do Jo. Thanks, Stevie!

Eddie Huang
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I first met Stevie in his tailor shop a year ago when he was measuring my soon-to-be father-in-law for a new raincoat. I was impressed with his attention to detail and consultative skills. My father-in-law loves the coat and had nothing but great things to say about working with Stevie, so I decided to call him up to have a three-piece suit made for my wedding.

Working with Stevie and Will was hands down the best clothing decision and investment I've ever made. The suit fits impeccably; everything just naturally sits in the right place and in the right proportion. Even now I'm noticing little touches of craftsmanship that make this suit uniquely made for me.

No way can I go back to buying off the rack.

Tyler Johansson
Michael D. Heller
Stevie was introduced to me through a mutual friend. I was intrigued by Stevie and allowed him to create something he thought would suit me best. The result was the most amazing sport coat I have ever owned. The fit was impeccable the cloth was perfect for my needs and all I get is raving compliments when I wear it.If you are in the market for a suit or sport coat I highly recommend working with Stevie. His knowledge in fit, cloth, coloring and style will leave you speechless.
Not to mention the convenience of having everything done right in your living room.
Michael D. Heller Talent Resources
David Haber

Stevie and Will from Martin Greenfield were flawless. I could not have asked for a better experience. They were warm and friendly and cared deeply about making sure every detail was accounted for so that I'd look my best on our big day.
I look forward to working with them again soon!

David Haber
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Several months ago I contacted Stevie. I had used Made to Measure and other “tailored” services before with mixed results. I was impressed with their approach and service, so I ordered one suit to try them out. I loved the suit and the service so much that I have since ordered several more.Always a perfect fit, great fabrics and they come to my office. I look forward to working with him for a long time.

James Peterson
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I was honored to be invited to Martin Greenfield’s special made-to-measure appointment at the Ace Hotel, followed up by a fitting at the Greenfield studio in Bushwick. My career allows me to constantly be wearing jeans and baseball caps, but Mr. Greenfield and Stevie now have me excited to wear suits!

Part of what made the experience so great was that they understood what suit and what cut made sense for my overall personal style—so the suit fits me in more ways than one.

Jason Thome Converse
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Since meeting Stevie over a year ago through our mutual friend Alan Brown, Stevie has helped me with a wide range of needs, and has exceeded my expectations throughout. He has put together a suit for a South American trip, a cashmere jacket to wear around the city, and most recently, a bespoke suit for my wedding.

Working with Stevie, we were able to combine the relaxed feeling of a tropical wedding, while maintaining a sleek style to accompany the wedding dress. Stevie always comes prepared with creative ideas and continues to impress. I have received countless compliments on not only the look of the jacket, but the creative interior design as well.

Justin Mayer
Eric Hammond

Got my sport coat and I absolutely love it! Fits better than anything I have ever owned, like it was made for me… wait… it was! The coat made its debut last night and got rave reviews. I look forward to a repeat performance on New Years. Thanks again Stevie, look forward to more great bespoke items to come.

Eric Hammond SMS Audio and KonoAudio
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For a long time I purchased my suits at Tom Ford and Prada. I was introduced to bespoke tailor Stevie Fellig and decided to try one suit. Once my first suit was completed I ordered two more then four. Now I can say hand tailored is the way to go. Stevie delivers a excellent garment, great personalized service and product knowledge.
I have been very satisfied with my garment and overall experience.

Kevin O'Leary